Faith Baptist Church


Elk season started on October 6, 2012.  Pastor Robert Franklin, Pastor Daniel Long and I saw elk all day.  That day, Pastor Daniel harvested a 5 by 5 bull elk and we carried it up a LARGE mountain on our backs using back packs.  [That was a big job] 

Then on Sunday, October 7, 2012, I preached for Pastor Robert Franklin in Roosevelt, Utah.   Faith Baptist Church meets in a mobile home.  To convert the mobile home into a church, they have removed several walls to make a large meeting room for their services.  As they were eating some fresh donuts Rawley came out to teach Sunday School.    For the morning service,  I preached out of John chapter 3 and presented our ministry and need for more support.

To meet their financial needs, Pastor Franklin raises chickens to sell eggs, has developed a large apple and peach orchard, and has many beehives to produce honey.  He also drives a big truck in road repair and service for Utah.  Pastor would like to stop driving truck soon so he can focus primarily on the ministry.  Please pray for this growing church and for pastor’s orchard to produce enough money so he can stop working on the road.

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