Rustic Hills Baptist church


On Sunday, January 13, I challenged the saints at Rustic Hills Baptist Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado with a seminar on overcoming fear when witnessing.  Then for the morning service I preached a message out of John 3.  For the evening service, I introduced Rosie to the church as she helped me to tell the story of Ruth and her willingness to be teachable.  Please pray for Pastor Stanley Lightfoot as he leads the church in some major projects on the church building as they prepare for their 50th anniversary.

During the week I was able to speak for their Senior Dinner on Tuesday and on Wednesday, I spoke to their youth group with a story from Rawley that introduced them to what Jonah learned about our God.  On Tuesday evening, we spent some time with a friend that came down from Denver to talk about our future plans.  Because of the economy and high cost of traveling we need to make some big changes in our ministry.  Pray with us as we seek God’s direction in this matter. 

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