Ordway Baptist Church


On January 20, 2013, we spent the day at Ordway Baptist Church in Ordway, Colorado.  I started the day with a whole family Sunday school class with a story from Rawley and the story of Jonah.  For the morning service, I preached a message on Nicodemus and his search for the answer of a question that troubled him.  Three of the saints raised their hands asking for prayer as they look for opportunities to witness to a friend of theirs that is not saved. 

On Sunday night, I preached a messaged that I titled a living portrait.  This is a message of a man that was lost in his sin but now has found new life in Jesus Christ.  Please pray for those who were there that have never trust Christ as their Savior.  The time is short and the message needs to be heard and responded to before it is too late.

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