Berean Baptist Church


On the Sunday of September 2nd, I spoke at the Berean Baptist Church in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. Berean Baptist Church has supported us as missionaries for almost 10 years. It was great to see these faithful saints again and update them about our ministry in evangelism.

We had a picnic Sunday afternoon complete with sweet corn, brats, and fresh salmon from Lake Michigan. It was a joy to see friends we met years ago, as well as, meet some new church members that are growing in the Lord.

Their pastor, William Lobb, has been a dear friend of mine for several years. I spoke in his home church in Gilbert, Minnesota several times over the last 15 years. It was exciting to see him go off to Bible College at Northland Baptist Bible College, and now to serve along side him at Berean Baptist Church in Wisconsin.

Please pray that this small church will continue to grow and be a lighthouse to shine the truth of the gospel.

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