First Baptist Church


During the week of September 12 – 16 we are holding meetings at the First Baptist Church of Evans City, Pennsylvania. I spoke with Rawley Wednesday night for their opening night of Awana. They put ten game stations run by their teens in their Awana game room. Then, the clubbers took turns at each game. They had games like miniature golf, ring toss over pop bottles, suction cup darts shot from a cross bow, and an animal catapult into Noah’s ark. The kids received candy at each station.

On Saturday we handed out free water and fliers inviting people to church at the Evans City Octoberfest. The city had a small parade with booths and food for everyone to enjoy. Caleb enjoyed working with me and the church family informing people of our special meeting on Sunday night.

For Sunday school I will be presenting my “Leading a Friend to Christ” seminar. Then Sunday night I will introduce Rodney as he helps me tell the story of Daniel in the lions’ den. Please pray that we will see some of the people that we invited at the Octoberfest come to our evangelistic service.


Awana Kick-off

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