Foothills Baptist Church

HardyFor June 23 – 28, 2013, we spent a week at the Triple “R” Ranch with Foothills Baptist Church in Hardy, Arkansas.  The church family faithfully stepped in to help with the crafts and treats each day.  They even had a boot shaped piñata on Friday night.  During the week we had visitors and friends that came to see us from nearby towns.  From the houses down the road from the church, we had two brothers attend because they knew their Grandpa was in heaven and that he attended church.   They just had to find out what it means to be born again and know that you were going to heaven.  They both had lots of questions through the week and on Wednesday night one of them put his trust in the Lord Jesus Christ.  Please pray that soon the other brother will respond and the parents will start coming to church.

Our friends Kelly and Lee Russell visited on Wednesday.  We originally meet them when we were accepted with COME in Ohio.  They also stopped by for breakfast with us just before we left for Illinois.   It was so good to see them again and see what God is doing in their lives.  They are now raising two of their great grandchildren and need lots of prayer.

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