Camp Manitoumi

ManitoumiOn July 1 – 5, 2015, we ministered in Illinois at Camp Manitoumi with Pastor John Kealen.  Pastor Greg White served as the camp dean and song leader for the week.   The music he picked fit right into the message for the hour as we looked at the theme “Heroes of the Faith”.

In the morning service, I preached a message for the whole family with ventriloquism and object lessons with a surprise ending.  We rejoice in the one young lady that trusted Christ as her Savior on Thursday morning.  Then in the evening after singing, the camp staff conducted special classes for the children.  And I preached a message with an emphasis on revival that we might become “Heroes of the Faith.”  During the week 10 raised their hands asking for prayer as they seek to witness to a friend that God put on their mind during the week. Then on Friday two stood up saying that they want to take a better stand for Christ at home.  Please pray that we will see fruit of this ministry for months to come.

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