First Baptist Church of Littleton

LittletonIllWe held a whole family Vacation Bible School in Littleton, Illinois just 65 miles northeast of Quincy, Illinois, July 7-12, 2013.  Pastor Larry Lindow and the church family were a great encouragement to us.  Many were excited about the “Western Round Up” and we had many visitors.  Enthusiasm grew between the teams Boys vs. Girls.  This VBS based the points on attendance, returning the worksheet, comparing the offering amount, and quoting verses.  The winning team leader put a whipped cream pie into the face of the losing team leader.  The Associate Pastor and his wife were the team leaders for the week.  It hurts to say that the boys lost and pastor got to eat the pie.  The boys will have to work harder next year.  The VBS offering went towards supplying bread to Bethesda Children’s Home in South Africa.

We saw one trust Christ as personal Savior and four raised their hands asking for prayer as they seek to live for the Lord at home.  Each evening they closed the VBS with some great food and fellowship.  Please pray that we might see one family start attending church as a result of this year’s Vacation Bible School.  Because the next Sunday was open, we stayed in Littleton over the weekend giving Caleb a chance to sing a special at church for Sunday morning. He did a great job singing “When it’s All Been Said and Done”.

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