2005 Imperial by Holiday Rambler



On January 17 – 23, 2014 we moved into our new-to-us home in the middle of a cold winter storm at Tom Raper in Richmond, Indiana.  After moving into our home, Timothy headed south for our meetings in Louisiana.   Jane and Caleb traveled north to see her Mom and Dad in Pierceton, Indiana and visited her dentist for a quick check up.  Fortunately, they found that the root canal was alright, but very sensitive around her gums and one filling had partially fallen out.  Pray that Jane will find ways to keep the pain down.


After arriving in Louisiana, we found that the cold damaged our water system: the damage has been a challenge to fix.  Fortunately after four weeks, we now have running water which we don’t have to run and get.   We have a few more glitches to work through, but having a motorhome has given us some great blessings.  In May, we purchased a Saturn Ion to teach our son Caleb how to drive.   The Saturn gets about 30 mpg, whereas the truck averaged 6.5 mpg.  We are pulling the Saturn behind the motorhome.     

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