Calvary Baptist Church


During the week of October 21st, 2007, we held a half a week of meetings in Cambridge, Minnesota. Pastor Dave Gerhardt has known me since I was a toddler living at home with my parents. Over the years I have fond memories of Pastor Gerhardt and of his parents Al and May Gerhardt who are retired missionaries from Martin, South Dakota.

The church family attended the meetings faithfully as I shared with them how we can live and know God’s will. This series of messages has been a great encouragement to me with lots of great responses from the saints. The last message is a challenge from Job and how he made it through his trials.

I was also able to speak to the children in their Christian school. Some of the youth let me know that they were interested in learning how to do ventriloquism. It was a joy for me to encourage them and tell them where they can find the proper help to get them started. In time they just might take my place on the road serving in the ministry of evangelism.

Please pray for this growing church as they continue to reach this expanding area for Christ.

Life long friends that I call Grandma and Grandpa

Al & May Gerhardt

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