Emmanuel Baptist Church


This week we held meetings at Emmanuel Baptist Church in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi with Pastor Matthew Stahl.  We rejoice in the two young children that trusted Christ as their Savior on Sunday morning.  Then on Monday, Pastor and I went out on visitation and led a man to the Lord on his front porch.  Pastor and his family need prayer as they seek to reach this Gulf Coast city with the gospel.  Because of Marti Gras, Pastor was not sure if anyone would come to church on Sunday morning.  But in the morning, it rained hard and the parade was postponed from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm.  Even though the parade was running and loud, we still had a great group of people in all of the services.  They all enjoyed Rawley and Randy and they heard the gospel preached.

DSCF4008Please pray for Emmanuel Baptist Church as they seek to reach the lost and get this church established in Bay St. Louis.  They are also trying to raise enough money to purchase a new sign for the front of the church.  What a joy to be a part of the services on Sunday, to see men learning to lead singing and work in children’s church,  and see what God is doing in the lives of those being reached.

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