Calvary Baptist Church


For June 8 – 13 we held a Daily Vacation Bible School in Mesa, Arizona with Pastor Roger Williams. Pastor Roger is having major side affects from his medication and is under a doctor’s supervision to find a medicine to help this situation. Please pray for Pastor as he goes through this physical problem. The Assistant Pastor Dave Swope is directing Vacation Bible School this week and doing a great job. They are using the RBP curriculum Arrow Island looking for God’s way in our lives. The church is working together encouraging the children to attend faithfully, bring friends, work on their memory verses and worksheets.

Each day they give me 30 to 40 minutes to tell a Bible story with my friends that fits the theme of the day and illustrates the gospel through object lessons with a surprise ending. Through this week we saw one trust Christ as her Savior and others that have shown an interest to learn more about the Savior. Please pray for this growing church as they seek to reach the Valley of the Sun for the Savior.

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