Bible Baptist Church


On September 13 and 14, 2014 we held meetings at Bible Baptist Church in Santa Monica, California. On Saturday I spoke twice for a mini Daily Vacation Bible School with a theme of Heroes. In the morning at 11:00 the hero that we examined was Daniel as he prayed and was protected in the lion’s den. At lunch the church grilled hot dogs and hamburgers for the children and their parents. Then at 1:00 we listened to the story of David as he confronted the Philistines and defeated Goliath with a stone and sling. From 2:00 to 3:00 the children made a puppet for a creative craft project. Finally, I briefly taught how to learn to talk without moving your lips. To begin you have to buy a Dilly Bar from Dairy Queen. But they do not have a Dairy Queen in California . . . Now what do you do? No Dairy Queen? ? ?

On the 14th, we started with a story of Jonah from Rawley during Sunday school. For the morning service I preached from John 3 on the Life of Nicodemus and in the evening from John 4 presenting the Missionary of Sychar. This was a great challenge for the saints in Santa Monica. Just as the Samaritan woman invited the men in Sychar to come see Jesus, we can invite our community to come and hear the gospel in our local church. Eight raised their hand asking for prayer to be faithful to invite their lost friends.

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